Addison Agen continues to shine on “The Voice”


Addison Agen continues to wow judges on “The Voice.” On Tuesday, Nov. 14, she impressed coach Adam Levine enough to move on to the live competition next week. Her rendition of Bonnie Riatt’s version of “Angel from Montgomery” was enough to garner praise from Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton, as well. For his part, Levine referred to Agen as a “unicorn.”

Addison Agen: a history of stellar performances

As one of the youngest performers on “The Voice,” (she was 15 during auditions), and hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Agen was a longshot from the beginning. That is until she started singing. Agen’s performances are consistent in their quality.

Agen’s time on the vocal performance show has been a rollercoaster. After her blind audition, she was chosen for Team Miley. Then, she lost a battle round to teammate, Karli Webster. However, mere moments after losing, Agen was picked up by Levine. Agen then won her knockout round. She defeated Dennis Drummond.

The Fort Wayne teen’s latest performance was arguably her best. Her voice retained a vintage quality, while throwing in some of the tropes of modern performance. Agen’s diction is clear and her delivery heartfelt without being melodramatic. Judges on “The Voice” have predicted that she could win the whole thing, including a Grammy one day. While that remains to be seen, Agen’s performances are good enough that her progress makes sense to most fans and critics, who sometimes disagree with judges’ decisions.

Hometown support for Addison Agen

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, support for Agen couldn’t be stronger. On Tuesday night, a viewing party was held at C2G, Come to Go Ministries, Agen’s church. Perhaps not ironically, the church is also home to a weekly live music show that airs on the local NBC affiliate late on Saturday nights.

The support for Agen built quickly. After it was clear that her presence on the show wasn’t just a novelty act, the singer’s appearances at home and on the show have been met with great excitement. Agen’s ability to compete with talented singers from around the country has impressed audiences in her hometown.

To illustrate just how excited Fort Wayne is for Agen, the local NBC affiliate is sending two reporters to Los Angeles, California to cover “The Voice,” and Agen’s performances in particular.

Despite all the hype, Agen continues to record new music and continue her education. Her grounded ways make her potential stardom all the more exciting.





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