Put some bacon in your face: Indy Bacon Week

Put some bacon in your face: Indy Bacon Week
Put some bacon in your face: Indy Bacon Week

Indy is now smack dab in the middle of Bacon week, and there’s no looking back.

At more than 30 Indianapolis locations through Nov. 17, bacon lovers can find delicious deals for $5. Many local restaurants and chefs have created dishes designed specifically for this bacon-inspired pork fest.

With so many participating locations, it’s safe to say bacon lovers can enjoy dishes at places they already know they love, while also exploring new restaurants before the week is over.

Indy Bacon Week is going through Nov. 11 at more than 30 locations.

The creators of Indy Bacon Week have been good enough to share a few “pro tips” when traversing the specials and locations that the week has to offer.

Enjoy what you love, but also make sure you try something new. Your favorite things are your favorite for a reason. Once upon a time you tried something new and discovered you loved you. You know what? You can do that again!

Resist the urge to try to make substitutions or in any way change the rules surrounding any given restaurant’s special. Some specials may be carryout only while others may be dine in only. This is their restaurant. They can do what they want. And you know what? There’s an enormous payoff for whatever inconvenience you think you’re withstanding. Here’s a hint. It smells like bacon.

Some of these dishes – no matter how new they are – can get very popular very quickly. The chance that a restaurant will run out of their bacon special is always a possibility. So, if you’re thinking about it? Chances are you should get it while the getting’s good. But if you do find that something you really wanted to try is no longer available one day? Go back the next day. Early! There’s a reason they ran out. Because it was that good.

This may come as a surprise to you, but you’re not the only one who loves bacon. As a result, you may find there’s a wait when you get to the restaurant of your choice. Be patient, though. If it’s good enough for 20 other people to want it as bad as you do? It’s worth waiting for.

Keep in mind that some of these restaurants are very new. And, even if they’re not? Don’t skimp. Purchase a side or two, get something other than ice water and don’t – GOD, DON’T DO IT! – don’t forget to tip your waiter or waitress. Trust me. Bringing you bacon all day probably isn’t their idea of dream worth starving for.

Lastly, post your beautiful bacon-y pictures! Use #IndyBaconWeek on Instagram.

For more information on Indy Bacon Week, and to find participating restaurants, visit the website at indybaconweek.com.

Until then… keep calm

and eat… oh you know how this one goes.


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