B45’s to pay tribute to Tom Petty at the Brass Rail


Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, the Brass Rail will host a tribute to Tom Petty. The bands paying musical homage to the late rocker will be the B45’s, Adam Baker and the Heartache and Sea Mountains. The show gets underway at 10 p.m. Admission is $5.

Tom Petty’s musical legacy

The death of Tom Petty came as a shock to fans. The announcement was discussed on this site. You can read about it here: http://www.lemonwire.com/2017/10/03/rocker-tom-petty-leaves-iconic-musical-legacy/ While it has been more than a month since the musician’s passing, various musicians have shown their respect to Petty through performances that showcase his work. That is true for nationally known musicians. It is not also true for Fort Wayne-based musicians.

Petty’s simple, but nuanced lyrics and his driving rhythms helped him to craft classic, American rock songs. Behind the songs’ production values, was an essentially garage rock sound that resonates with generations of listeners.

The B45’s, a Fort Wayne original

Even before the leader of the Heartbreakers passed away, the B45’s had a history of covering Petty’s music. The young band does an admirable job on Petty’s work. Video evidence exists that shows the quartet rocking out Petty tunes at a local music showcase hosted by Wooden Nickel record store.

The B45’s approach to Petty’s work demonstrates the garage rock quality of it. While for some audiences, it is the spirit of the tribute that determines the success of a cover band, it helps when the singer and the instrumentation call to mind the original artist.

The B45’s have a reputation for skillful playing in general. In June 2016, the group won the Sweetwater/Wooden Nickel Battle of the Bands. Having beat other bands meant the B45’s were awarded a six-song EP recording package that included mixing, mastering, CDs, graphic design and band photography.

In addition, the band could also be seen in the debut of Fort Wayne’s Middle Waves Festival.

And that is what happens with the B45’s. Their version of “You Wreck Me” has a certain Midwestern charm and an earnestness that compels listeners to pay attention. A night of their take on Petty’s catalog should prove well-worth the price of admission.

The B45’s will be joined by Adam and the Heartache, who play indie-folk rock. Rounding out the Petty tributes will be local ambient metal artist, Sea Mountains.


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