Autumn night Jazz: Joe McBride at the Jazz Kitchen

Noted jazz pianist Joe McBride will perform at the Jazz Kitchen on November 18th.

The jazz and R&B scenes seem to have a long tradition of blind musicians, particularly pianists. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, George Shearing, the list goes on. Right back to the beginning, in fact, with performers like Blind Tom Wiggins. Whatever the reason, this quirk of the genre has given us several fine musicians. And now, it gives us another: Joe McBride. Who, if you missed the heading, is coming to play Naptown.

A Short History Lesson

Born 1963 in Fulton, MO, Joe McBride began learning the piano at the tender age of four. In high school, he added singing to his repertoire. Sadly, high school was also when his vision started to degenerate. Undaunted, McBride completed his studies at the Missouri School for the Blind and went on to university. Joe McBride released his first recording in 1992, titled “Grace”. As is often the case, at least if you’re doing it right, several more recordings followed. In 2000, McBride appeared in The Riff, a film about the jazz scene down in New Orleans.

To date, McBride has released numerous albums, including 2009’s Lookin’ for a Change. An album which primarily features jazz interpretations of contemporary hits.

His Sound

Joe McBride is nothing if not eclectic. Blending everything from Bebop to contemporary R&B, McBride’s influences reflect an intensive study of this genre. While his sound’s definitely on the easy side, it’s in no way insipid. In fact, I’d say the music decently sophisticated. Almost certainly the kind of music you could imagine alongside an elegant meal. The point is, while the music lacks the intensity of a good hot set, there’s enough going on to satisfy the wild jazz-head. From funk-inspired guitars to delicate piano, there’s something for everyone.

So, as always. The venue is the Jazz Kitchen, door’s at 5:00 PM. See you there!


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