A Blast from B-Town: Busmans Holiday at the Hi-Fi

Lo-fi duo Busmans Holiday to play the Hi-Fi November 21st.

Let’s get this out of the way before I say anything else. Yes, I recognize the inherent irony of a lo-fi act performing at a club called the Hi-Fi. Now that we’re clear on that, let me tell you a little about Busmans Holiday.

Busmans Holiday advertises themselves as combining the melodicism of lo-fi with the spectacle of classic rock. These two might seem diametrically opposed at first. Lo-fi is, after all, a genre that tends to emphasize the small. Moreover, the tinny, distant sound that most lo-fi artists create doesn’t exactly lend itself to an arena venue. But, with the right musical arrangements and engineering techniques, you can create a blast that would do Aerosmith proud.

And that’s just what Busmans Holiday has done.

A Little History

Busmans Holiday is Addison and Lewis Rogers, two brothers from Bloomington, Indiana. There are advantages to living in a college town, especially one with a prestigious school like Indiana University. Namely, there’s always a lot of culture to experience, something which allows an artist to find a wide array of influences. This is exactly what the Rogers brothers did, and for the past 10 years, they have refined and explored their sound. While primarily a touring group, Busmans Holiday has also released 3 albums to date. They have also signed on with the Joyful Noise label, home to Jad Fair, Half Japanese, and Sebadoh.

Their Sound

While most lo-fi groups opt for a folk/country sound, Busmans Holiday prefers a rock sound. They generally fall on the more melodic side of rock, to the point, in fact, that the band considers melodicism an integral part of their sound, as is doing more with less. They use a minimum of instruments in their live performances, employing a guitar and drum set only. Think of them as an odd reflection of punk; same minimalistic sound and DIY ethos, but without the harshness and anger.

So, as always. The venue is the Hi-Fi. Doors at 7:30 PM. See you there!



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