Tekashi 69’s sinister energy radiates throughout the streets of Brooklyn


Hip-hop supports itself through innovation and reimagination of the genre’s cross-cultural implications. Thus, of all genres, hip-hop greatly differs through interpretation. The interpretative qualities of the artist often coincides with the audience and their interpretive “niche” for hip-hop discovery. Therefore, some artists find their identities among hip-hop subcultures. The ascenscion of Lil Pump, Trippie Redd and XXXTentacion depicts a new generation of cult followings in the modern hip-hop era.

Tekashi 69

Tekashi 69 (Bushwhack) embodies the essence of subculture with his “Six Nine” lifestyle. Furthermore, the three “6ix9ine” references on his face are accompanied by spider webs on his jawline and “Jigsaw” on his right cheek. Formerly known as Wallah Dan, this stouthearted and valiant artist transformed his lifestyle through the “Tekashi 69” and “SCUM Life” movements.

In 2014, Tekashi started gaining clout via fashion blogs that referred to him as “Pussy N*gga” due to the custom clothes he sported.

His choice of apparel frequently stirred controversy for Tekashi also known as a “walking manga character.” People scorned his clothing customization that allegedly celebrated sexually transmitted diseases. On an interview with, “No Jumper” he clarified his rationale for the clothing enhancement.

Tekashi customized “HIV” in white letters across the back of a Cincinnati Reds varsity jacket. Additionally, HIV ink can be found permanently inscribed across his back.

 Tekashi wears custom clothing that he acquires from thrifty mom and pop shops around his block. Hence, his rejection and dismissal of designer brands grew as his stock began to rise. This inverse relationship deals with how Tekashi originated within the “meme” world. To paraphrase, if he “couldn’t afford that sh*t” back then, there is no need to flock toward a store bought aesthetic today.

Tekashi and New York hip-hop

Tekashi 69 symbolizes the transition into uncharted New York hip-hop territory. Particularly, his exploration of custom clothes, sinister themes, pyrotechnics and flamboyance serve as affiliations of his subcultural narrative. Categorically, rap audiences place New York artists in the compartment of ‘boom-bap’ type of sounds. Tekashi 69 subscribes to his own system, and demonstrates that not every artist from NY belongs in that mold.

Hardcore background

Tekashi 69’s affiliation with punk rock ranges from All That Remains to the horror film series, “Saw.”  Consequently, he is an individual who conquered a tumultuous upbringing, rejects social norms and conformity and expresses his tenacious moxie in coordination with his polychromatic style.

Tekashi 69 leads all newcomers with his viral video, “Gummo.” This generated ruckus on Youtube with upwards of fourteen million views to date. This artist represents for “S.C.U.M.” which stands for “Society Can’t Understand Me.”

Tekashi’s trademarks rely upon the facets of charisma, magnetism and raw talent. Fans continue to swarm him for his flagrant attitude and rowdy visuals by Trife Drew.

Tekashi 69’s online presence funnels through Instagram. His productions are distributed in coordination with F*ck Them Studios. Stay tuned for the release of his forthcoming track, “Kooda.”



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