Los Angeles to celebrate former Smiths’ frontman with “Morrissey Day”


Several months ago, around the time of Morrissey’s 58th birthday, I pondered the relevance of Morrissey. That Los Angeles, California has dedicated Friday, Nov. 11, 2017, “Morrissey Day,” answers questions about the singer’s relevance.

The announcement comes from several news sources, including Spin, CBS Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Times. The celebration is complete with a declaration of Morrissey Day from the mayor’s office.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Morrissey even had his own karaoke day in the city. Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez explains, “Morrissey Day honors the man who put the “M” in Moz Angeles,” reports CBS Los Angeles. She continued, calling Morrissey “an icon whose music continues to touch and uplift people across the globe.”

But there is a reason that Morrissey is celebrated. Mayor Eric Garcetti explained that both Los Angeles and Morrissey “embrace individuality, compassion and creativity,” CBS Los Angeles reports.

Morrissey is scheduled to be in Los Angeles Friday and Saturday, Nov. 10 and 11. The singer will play shows at the Hollywood Bowl. Billy Idol will open for him. To mark “Morrissey Day,” the Hollywood Bowl will offer a vegetarian-only menu to honor the iconic animal-lover, Spin.com explains. More about “Morrissey Day” can be found herehttps://www.spin.com/2017/11/morrissey-day-los-angeles/.

Even if the Los Angeles city council hadn’t declared today “Morrissey Day,” the singer has a new album, and it is reason enough for fans to get excited.

Apparently, this is not the first “Morrissey Day.” It would be interesting though, if more cities declared such days wherever Morrissey happened to stop by on tour.

While on the surface “Morrissey Day” is a reason for fans to celebrate, some of the reactions online have been less-than-enthusiastic. One commenter pointed out on social media the number of shows Morrissey has canceled since 2012.

Obviously, it would be nice for Morrissey to show up for his two-day engagement at the Hollywood Bowl. But it is a bit ironic that a singer who champions the cause of the unloveable and the awkward is to be celebrated in such an official way.




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