The King’s Singers astonish audiences at Clowes Hall


This will be a simple article for a simple concert. The King’s Singers at Clowes Memorial Hall were nothing short of breathtaking. The group is an a capella vocal ensemble. The singers aren’t in need of instrumental accompaniment given their level of skill, range, and musicality.

The singers are currently celebrating their 50th-anniversary tour.

Created in 1968 by six then-recently graduated choral scholars from King’s College in Cambridge, the King’s Singers have become a tradition on both sides of the pond. The beauty of their music is timeless, and the simplicity with which they present each song is both charming and refreshing.

Currently staffed by Patrick Dunachie, Timothy Wayne-Wright, Julian Gregory, Christopher Bruerton, Christopher Gabbitas, and Jonathan Howard, the King’s Singers are a treat and balm for the soul. This couldn’t have been more true in the group’s presentation of “Danny Boy.”

Visit their website at for their upcoming concert schedule.



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