Carl Broemel and Steelism Come to The Hi-Fi


Next Saturday, November 18th at Indy’s The Hi-Fi, Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket will appear for a solo performance. During it, Broemel will play songs from his recent solo album, “4th of July”. Appearing along with Broemel will be the Nashville instrumental duo, Steelism.

Carl Broemel

I first saw Carl Broemel at a Bob Dylan concert. He and his band My Morning Jacket were the opening act for Wilco, and later, Dylan. I didn’t know his name at the time, and wasn’t much of a fan of the band. There was no way I could have predicted that I would be alerting my city of his presence some four years later. But here we are.

As a soloist, Broemel performs his songs live by looping guitar tracks over one another, and providing vocals over them. Now at the ripe age of 42, the songs that make up Broemel’s “4th of July” were written and recorded during different periods of his life. Most of them are relaxed wanderings, like “Sleepy Lagoon”, where the added layers create an atmospheric affect akin to modern synths.

Broemel’s stop in Indianapolis will be just one of several on his micro tour of the midwest. To find out more about “4th of July” and Carl Broemel, you can visit his website.


Appropriately named, Steelism is the musical project of guitarist Jeremy Fetzer, and steel lap player, Spencer Cullum Jr.. The two released their debut album “615 to FAME” in 2014. Their website’s about page goes into more detail involving their inspirations. “[The record] became a calling card for the band’s versatile yet distinct sound, drawing influence from film score composers like Ennio Morricone and ’60s instrumental acts like Booker T. & the M.G.s, The Ventures and Pete Drake”. It goes on to add that Steelism’s follow-up album, “ism”, was created with the intent that listeners experience it as they would a soundtrack to a film.

Steelism demonstrates their skill with groovy, almost Ratatat-esque tracks like “Eno Nothing”, and “Marfa Lights”. The two both feature strong bass grooves and simple, hum-able melodies. As a longtime fan of their electronic, guitar-driven contemporaries, I see the comparison as nothing short of a compliment.

You can find out more about Steelism by visiting their website. you can also find Steelism on Facebook.


All in all, the stage is set for an interesting and exciting night for November 18th at The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square. Doors open at 8:00 pm, the show starts at 9:00 pm, and tickets are set at fifteen dollars.


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