Sufjan Stevens releases new music


Sufjan Stevens has released new tracks, giving us a peek into the castaway songs from one of his best albums and also stretching some of his film soundtrack muscles. The mythologically-inclined artist recently composed a few songs for the movie “Call Me By Your Name,” a love story which will be out around Thanksgiving. The movie features three new tracks by Sufjan, including a piano version of his song “Futile Devices” and a new track called “Mystery of Love:”


“Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me

The first time that you touched me

Oh, will wonders ever cease?

Blessed be the mystery of love”


The track gives us another taste of the melancholic sense of sacred wonder that was so entrancing on Sufjan’s 2015 album “Carrie and Lowell.” Another song he composed for the film is “Visions of Gideon,” which swirls in ambience as Sufjan cultivates a haunting vocal harmony.


Sure to make fans of his latest album “Carrie and Lowell” happy, Sufjan also recently released a few tracks from “The Greatest Gift,” a mixtape with outtakes, remixes and demos from “Carrie and Lowell.” The whole album will be released on November 24th, but in the meantime “Wallowa Lake Monster” and an iPhone demo of “John My Beloved” are available for purchase and streaming.


“Wallowa Lake Monster” feels like a mythological fairy tale from Sufjan’s life, stretching out to nearly 7 minutes before ending in swaths of horns and voices.


I can’t wait to see what tracks like “The Hidden River of my Life” will sound like, especially coming from such a mystical artist as Sufjan Stevens. We’ll just have to wait until the end of November to find out.



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