Reba’s Tennessee home is set to become a B&B


Soon, fans of Reba McEntire will have a unique opportunity to get closer to the country music superstar. Her Lebanon, Tennessee home is set to become a B&B. The changes come after McEntire sold her former 12,816 square foot home last month.

According to Southern Living, a Portland businessman named Deron Licthe purchased the home. He plans to transform it into a B&B large enough to accommodate 15 guests and a luxury event center. Naturally, Reba’s home has a lot of glorious features to make it an inviting B&B.

For example, the home has a guest apartment, pool house, tennis court and much more. The property also has both an indoor and an outdoor equestrian center, which makes the property perfect for those who love horses and the outdoors.

A lakefront is also on the property, as well as an indoor movie theater. All in all, it makes a lovely home but will also be the perfect place for a B&B. Plus, guests will love staying somewhere McEntire once called home.

Right now, there isn’t a lot of information out there regarding the renovation plans for the home. Current rumors say developers aren’t planning to change main house much. We also don’t know when the new B&B will open, but we do know it will be beautiful.

We also know that the entire property isn’t part of the deal. McEntire initially sold the property to a developer back in the summer. According to Country Living, that developer plans to build several homes on a significant portion of the property. Thirteen acres are going to the event center and the rest into 15 separate lots. The developer says he plans to build homes valued at around $140,000 on those lots.


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