Oo umad ghumad kar aayi re ghata – Manna/Lata – Vasant Desai – V Shantaram/Sandhya | Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)


Movie: This song appeared in 1957 social drama Do Ankhen Barah Haath (2 Eyes, 12 Hands) produced and directed by V Shantaram. The movie starred V Shantaram, Sandhya, Baburo Pendharkar, etc.

The classic story is of a young warden Adinath (V Shantaram), who turns 6 dangerous prisoners, released on parole, into good people and all the hardships he had to face in the process. The movie begins with Adinath taking them from prison to Swatantrapur. They reach their destination at night and have food prepared by the guard. The next day, Adinath sees the guard run away and cannot stop him because he is afraid that the men might kill him also.

Adinath begins his day with this prayer as his wards enter the main hall. After the prayers, he takes his wards to the barren grounds surrounding the house and assigns them work. Being murderers, they remember how they had killed their victims, from the tool they get, now, and work with a lot of vengeance. One of them gets irritated by the wire fence and Adinath removes it. This is symbolic of the removal of all bondages.

Soon, Adinath gains the trust of the men. Each man decides to cook for all on each one of the weekdays. One of the men, Kishan’s mother comes and leaves his kids with him. When he is distracted in cooking food for the day, the 2 kids try to run away from there. A female toy vendor Champa (Sandhya) passes that way and distracts the kids to take them back into the house.

The toy vendor’s proximity to the kids becomes a distraction to the men. The men, other than Kishan, do not like it, decide to kill Adinath and run away to their homes. One of the men is a barber and tries to kill Adinath while shaving his beard. But, he is not able to do the deed and the 5 men run away. Adinath tries to find them. Finally, when he is unable to do it, he goes to the Superintendent of Police (Baburao Pendharkar) and tells him what had happened. The Superintendent of Police sends a few sepoys to catch them and tells them to make them surrender. If they don’t, they could kill them. Adinath pleads with his higher official to revoke his order to kill them. The senior official compels him to give in writing that his experiment had failed. After Adinath gives the said statement, he is told to stay in prison until the men are caught. Soon, the sepoys bring the news that the men were, in fact, working on the farm diligently when the sepoys reached the place.

Adinath is let off and happily tears up the written statement. When he reaches Swatantrapur, the men come to ask his forgiveness. Kishan tries to throw out his children because they were responsible for the 5 men running away. The 5 men bring the children back and one of the children begins to cry after they try to pamper him. Champa reaches there on time and finds out that the reason for the child crying was the long hair from the beard of one of the 5 men, stuck in his eye. The way she picks it up is disgusting – through her mouth! Immediately, thunder is heard and Champa says that it is raining in the distance and soon it would rain at their place as well. Adinath and the others rejoice that they can sow seeds in the fields now. It is at this time that they sing this song as well.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Bharat Vyas and the music was composed by Vasant Desai.

This is a typically filmi rain and harvest song.

Video: Cinematographer is G Balkrishna.

The video opens with V Shantaram playing the dhol and beginning the song. He goes into the rain singing and playing the musical instrument. The 6 men also run out with field implements, dancing. The 2 kids are moving around themselves and becoming wet in the rain. Sandhya also joins the kids in the dance. She is also singing the song.

V Shantaram throws the dhol into a shed and joins the other men in sowing the seeds. The 6 men are enthusiastically working in the fields. Through time-lapse photography, they show how the seeds sprout and give rise to the crops. The men are seen working in the fields. Sandhya passes near the fields.

Different vegetables are seen growing. Soon, it is harvest time and they all prepare to go to the market to sell the vegetables, they had grown. The men fill a bullock cart with their produce and pull it toward V Shantaram. The song rises to a crescendo and stops abruptly. The video ends as V Shantaram pulls a bull toward the cart to tie it there.

Artists: The playback has been given by Manna Dey and Lata Mangeshkar and chorus and the onscreen performances are by V Shantaram, Sandhya and others.

Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi rain song, celebrating the advent of the monsoons through to the harvest. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for the same.


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