Lera Lynn w/ Jeff Kelly at The White Rabbit Cabaret


This Friday, November 10th, be sure to get on down to The White Rabbit Cabaret for a live show. The concert will feature musical guests Lera Lynn of Nashville, Tennessee, and Jeff Kelly from Stow, Massachusetts.

Lera Lynn

Lera Lynn is an independent, post-Americana artist, singer-songwriter, co-producer, and multi-instrumentalist. She released her first album, “Have you Met Lera Lynn?” in 2011, which has a similar folksiness to it as work by Neko Case. It’s a bit in the touch of country twang you hear in Lynn’s vocals, along with emotional and metaphorical lyrics. After Lynn’s second album, “The Avenues” released in 2014, she started writing music for the second season of HBO’s “True Detective”. When the soundtrack was finished, Lynn also got a recurring role on the show as a singer at a bar.

Lynn’s most recent album, “Resistor” takes a step away from the mostly-acoustic folk songs of her previous albums. In it, Lynn retains the emotional core from her past work, but adds a wealth of atmospheric effects featuring sweeping keyboards and double-tracked harmonies. Her website’s about page offers further insight into the production of “Resistor”. “Lynn and her co-producer, Joshua Grange, play nearly every instrument on the album, which was tracked during a series of spontaneous, experimental recording sessions in Nashville.” It’s clear that Lynn is still growing as an artist, and unafraid to experiment with new sounds and styles for her future work.

To find out more about Lera Lynn, you can visit her website. You can also find Lera Lynn on Facebook.

Jeff Kelly

Jeff Kelly is a solo, independent, Alternative Folk/Americana singer and songwriter currently living in Indianapolis. While he mostly performs solo shows, Kelly is also a member Jeff Kelly and The Graveyard Shift. The Graveyard Shift features a rotating lineup of musicians, and released their debut EP “My Fair Share” in 2014. The group is anticipating another release in 2017, so keep your eyes peeled these next few months.

You can check out Jeff Kelly on Facebook, as well as his website. You can also listen to Jeff Kelly and The Graveyard Shift on Bandcamp.


The show at The White Rabbit Cabaret starts at 8:00 pm this Friday night. Tickets are fifteen dollars.

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