Weekly Latin Releases- November 2017


Today is November 3; we are in November soon it’ll be Thanksgiving, and I am ecstatic over the holidays! As we all know, Halloween was a little over 72 hours ago while  El Dia De Los Muertos was precisely 72 hours long, whatever it is that you participated, Lemonwire hopes you had an excellent celebration! With a fantastic holiday, fantastic music is a must; we wish you all took a listen to last week’s Latin releases. Adding to that list here is this week’s Latin Releases:

T3r Elemento, Underground
Carla Morrison, Un Mundo Raro
Banda Guasavena, Tributo A Valentin Elizalde De Tu Piel
Raquel Sofia, Tenemos Historia
The Marias, Superclean Vol 1
Izaak, Si Te Quedas
Montana, Si Te Quedas
Bad Bunny, Sensualidad
Lenny Tavarez, Secreto
Anonymous, Nena Mala
Victor Manuelle, Mala y Peligrosa
Banda Los Sebastianes, Los Fines
Jacob Forever, Cosas de la Vida
Conjunto Primavera, Con Toda La Fuerza
Alex Ferreira, Canape
Morat & Juanes, Besos En Guerra
Rubio, B-EP
Maffio, AJA
Maluma, Corazon
El Bebeto, Seremos
As always we are always open to suggestions and comments regarding the article you would like to see more of. What you liked and disliked, what you’d like to read more about and your thoughts after listening to some of these Latin releases for this week! Until next week, hasta la proxima!


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