Urbanity makes cool jazz on “The Eye of the Storm”


Urbanity is an Australian duo comprised of guitarist Albert Dadon and keyboardist Phil Turcio.  “The Eye of the Storm” is a single from the group’s 2017 release, “Urban Soul.” Dadon and Turcio have been playing together for 27 years.

About the members of Urbanity

Turcio is from a musical family and has been playing since his formative years. His professional musical life has seen Turcio releasing his critically acclaimed album, “Signals,” as well as working with Dadon. In addition, Turcio was part of a Grammy-nominated group, Hemispheres. In 2008, the group was nominated for Best Jazz Group.

Turcio has made music for the Australian Olympics, television, and for numerous people who are internationally known. Included among the luminaries Turcio has played with are Olivia Newton-John, Hugh Jackman, K.D. Lang among others.

Dadon is a businessman and musician. His forays into philanthropy have earned him awards from the Australian government. Dadon has been involved in numerous charitable and musical organizations and events. According to several sources, when Dadon records, he typically uses the name “Albare.”

“The Eye of the Storm”

It seems that the song’s title should be about the calm before the storm. “The Eye of the Storm” exudes cool and calm.  The song’s musical theme is enhanced by Dadon playing a sitar. The piano is motif is a gentle up and down one, brightened by the melding of sounds with the sitar. An upright bass offers and unexpected groove. Throughout, that up and down feeing moves the song toward its logical conclusion.

But before the song ends, the beautiful motifs and the various textures created by unusual instrumentation display their content one more time. The sitar sounds ethereal. The way the entire piece slows down to let the instruments breathe and expand, is relaxing and allows listeners to hear all sections of the instrumentation.

Much could be said about the beauty and energy of “The Eye of the Storm.” Suffice to say that it serves as a perfect teaser to make would-be listeners want to purchase the album.


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