All the laughs, all the tears: Mary Lambert at the Hi-Fi

Singer-songwriter Mary Lambert will play the Hi-Fi Nov. 9.
Life. This gigantic mess that we half-swim, half-dig though everyday. Bad for us perhaps, but great for any aspiring singer-songwriter. After all, the material has to come from somewhere, right? All joking aside, it’s the good singer-songwriters that give voice to this thing we call life. Its joys, its discontents. The whole shebang. And with that in mind, this Nov. 9 the Hi-Fi welcomes Mary Lambert to its stage.
┬áLambert’s career sounds like one of those million-to-one odd success stories that give the rest of us hope. A triple-shifter waiting tables in Seattle, Lambert had been slowly working her way into the city’s performance scene. All that changed in 2012 when she got a phone call from an associate of songwriting duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Ultimately, this connection led to Lambert writing the chorus to their triple-platinum hit “Same Love.” And now she’s out performing on her own. Few performers start their career that auspiciously. Fewer still know what to do with the success they do have. If her career so far is any indication, Mary Lambert is bucking that trend with a vengeance.
Her sound

The funny thing about the singer-songwriter genre is that it’s more about presentation that music. To put it another way, a singer-songwriter type can use any style of music they please, so long as their lyrics deal with certain themes. Life, love, relationships, to name a few, and the feeling related thereto. How does this relate to Mary Lambert? Well, unlike more folk-styled singer-songwriters such as Suzanne Vega or Tracy Chapman, Lambert has a distinctly pop sound. Catchy melodies? R&B inspired rhythms? a sweet (but not sugary) vocal performance? Check, check, and check. But, and I cannot stress this enough, these ingredients are never trite in Lambert’s hands. And besides, the music’s only half the point.

The venue is the Hi-Fi. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. See you there.



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