Jazz & Blues: Moonchild and Bobbie Morone Trio to Play The Hi-Fi


Get ready for a night of electric jazz and soulful blues next Saturday, November 11th, as Moonchild and Bobbie Morone Trio take the stage at The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. It’ll be a welcome change in tone from the usual high-energy shows frequently seen at the popular venue. But don’t take that as a sign to pass on this one.


Moonchild is a soulful, neo-jazz and electric trio from Los Angeles, California and made up of members Amber Navran, Max Bryk, and Andris Mattson. According to their profile, “The band cites influences like D’Angelo, Hiatus Kaiyote and J. Most as playing a key part in expanding the group’s musical horizons”. Strong influences from D’Angelo can be heard in songs like “Cure”, that feature D’Angelo-like walking bass lines and rhythmic experimentation. Moonchild crafts their ethereal sound with dreamlike synths, and recently brought in harps and strings to their lineup for more atmospheric effects. Over the years, Moonchild has performed with iconic greats such as Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, and Leela James. Their third full-length album, “Voyager”, came out in May of 2017.

To find out more about Moonchild, you can visit their Facebook page. You can also find Moonchild on Bandcamp.

Bobbie Morone Trio

The Bobbie Morone Trio is a pop/blues group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose music most closely resembles artists like Jack Johnson and John Mayer. The kind of laid back, relaxed and soulful blues they play fits in nicely with Moonchild’s aesthetic. Since their launch in 2007, the trio released five full length works. The most recent of these is the 2016 album, “Acoustic ’15”. While they categorize themselves as pop, I have to admit that I don’t hear its influences as much. Songs like “Holding On” seem to ride the wave of blues John Mayer helped to make more popular. This seems to be the sound the Bobbie Morone Trio is going for.

You can listen to the Bobbie Morone Trio on Bandcamp. For more information on the band, you can visit their Facebook page.


So if listening to soulful musicians bear their emotions in front of a crowd of strangers sounds appealing, be sure to stop by The Hi-Fi on Saturday, November 11th. From what I’ve heard, both Moonchild and the Bobbie Morone Trio write incredibly honest and soulful songs. It’d be a shame to miss out on such an intimate concert.

The show next Saturday night begins at 9:00 pm, and the doors open at 8:00 pm. Ticket prices start at fifteen dollars.


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