Jeff Beam, the Duncan Kissinger Band to play the State Street Pub

The State Street Pub welcomes back local artist Duncan Kissinger, and brings psychedelic rocker Jeff Beam to Naptown.

It’s always nice to see an old favorite return to play a venue. Especially when they’re and artist of Duncan Kissinger’s caliber. Now, some of you may remember me giving Kissinger a mention in one of my reviews. You may also remember that his performance left me quite pleased. So, you can imagine that I am happy to announce that Duncan Kissinger returns to the State Street Pub Nov. 16. That same night, the State Street Pub will also feature psychedelic musician Jeff Beam.

Duncan Kissinger

The State Street Pub often features local artists, and Duncan Kissinger is about as local as they come. If you haven’t read the review that featured him, I’ll give you a little recap. To start with, Kissinger is one of the best lyricists in Indy’s local scene. While his songs are often quite short, usually under a minute and a half, his lyrics are dense and witty.

Musically, Kissinger tends to stick close to the garage styles popular in Indy, but he makes it work for him. The lyrics are the star of the show, anyway.

Jeff Beam

While the State Street Pub loves local artists, it’s hardly averse to giving us a taste of the outside world. And with artists like Jeff Beam out there, it’s difficult to fault them for it. Oh, who’s Jeff Beam? Glad you asked. Active since 2006, Jeff Beam plays a unique brand of psychedelic rock. His style has a good bit of indie rock mixed in, but it’s his interpretation of the two genres that makes him interesting. It certainly isn’t the psychedelic rock from the 1960s.

The venue is the State Street Pub. Doors open at 9:00 p.m. See you there.





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