Good Old War to Play at The Hi-Fi


On Sunday, November 12th, The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis has two visiting guest bands perfect for lovers of indie and acoustic music. Playing on Sunday evening will be the bands Good Old War, and Watching For Foxes.

Good Old War

Good Old War is an acoustic, indie rock band with both pop and alternative leanings in their music. If you recognize the band from anything, it’s probably from their successful album, “Come Back As Rain”. According to the band’s bio page, this album hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and led to television performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan. Their songs often feature existential lyrics, as they do in “Some Dream”. The chorus is both uplifting and sad as the band sings, “I’m gonna live it’s alright / I’m gonna die, it’s alright / I’m okay.”

Good Old War hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I hear the sun always shines. Their members consist of Keith Goodwin, Dan Schwartz, and Tim Arnold. The band is currently touring after releasing their fourth studio album, “Broken Into Better Shape”, this past June. To find out more about Good Old War, you can visit their Facebook page or website.

Watching For Foxes

Considering their name as well as their particular style, it’s curious that Watching For Foxes doesn’t list Fleet Foxes as one of their influences. Although I suppose they don’t want to invite the comparison. Still, you shouldn’t think of Watching For Foxes as a ‘poor man’s’ Fleet Foxes. The band has more to contribute to the world of music than that. Their debut album, “Undone Bird”, released in June of 2016. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Watching For Foxes consists of Joey Frendo (lead vocals), Geoffrey Carts (cello, vocals), and Jared Meeuwenberg (guitar). Their touring members, who they list on their profile as “touring foxes”, are Jefferson Rinck (bass), Clay Hoover (drums), and Daine Hammerlee (drums).

Although they aren’t a strict copycat band, per se, songs like “Howl” that feature harmonized vocals and a melancholy lead do share a similar aesthetic. I’d say go and see for yourself. And if you are already a fan of the Fleet Foxes, this should be an easy ‘yes’.


These days it can be hard to take a chance on a new band, especially at concert where you have to buy your way in. It can be tempting to explore your musical tastes in the comfort of your own home, streaming for hours and relying on algorithms to give you suggestions. But what’s life if you never go out and take a chance? The show at The Hi-Fi on Sunday, November 12th starts at 8:00 pm, and the doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets start at twelve dollars.

So go on and take a chance. You won’t regret it.



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