The Mousetrap Bar & Grill Features The Fifth Pupil Tour


Next Thursday, November 9th marks another “Altered Thurzdaze” at The Mousetrap Bar & Grill in Indianapolis. This one will feature artists in support of Bleep Bloop’s “Fifth Pupil Tour”, in promotion of Bleep Bloop’s most recent EP released earlier this month. The lineup at The Mousetrap on November 9th consists of Bleep Bloop, Wakaan, and Sayer.

Bleep Bloop

The California-native Bleep Bloop, otherwise known as Aaron Triggs, is an electronic bass composer who crafts beats filled with laser sounds and an avant-garde edge. Triggs lays out his aesthetic in Bleep Bloop’s Facebook bio:“Bleep Bloop’s musical world is one of stripped back, bass-heavy beats paired with stark,surreal soundscapes”. Indeed, in songs like “Denial” from his “10-Watt Lazers EP”, listening feels like you’ve become trapped in an eight-bit horror video game. Or maybe it’s more like what you’d hear in your brain if aliens were abducting you. Either way, the songs by Bleep Bloop aren’t likely to be like anything you’ve heard before.

Bleep Bloop’s “The Fifth Pupil Tour” performance will feature tracks from “The Fifth Pupil” EP he released in mid-October. To find out more about Bleep Bloop, you can visit his website or Facebook page.


Little can be found on the internet about the mysterious Wakaan, who creates free-form electronic music and dubstep. True to his genre, his tracks feature throbbing bass mixed in with metallic synths and frenetic beats. The only lyrics to be found in Wakaan’s songs come in the form of audio samples ripped from some source or another. While his style may be off the beaten path, Wakaan’s skill can’t be ignored. If you give him a listen, I dare you to try and keep your head from nodding along. You can listen to Wakaan on Bandcamp, and can also find him on Facebook.


With Sayer also joining the party next Thursday, it looks like it’ll be a night full of bass and beats. Sayer is a bass music producer from Oakland, California. In the bio of his Bandcamp page, he states that his musical leanings “…tend to lean toward electronic sound-scapes that blend classic styles with more modern influences”. So basically, this guy deconstructs conventions in music for the sake of doing his own thing. If that isn’t what makes a musician, I don’t know what else does. You can fully expect Sayer to match the tone of the night for Bleep Bloop’s Fifth Pupil Tour.


So if you missed out on the dubstep boom when it happened, or are just yearning for more, you’ll want to head on down to The Mousetrap Bar & Grill next Thursday for more bass that will melt your face. The Fifth Pupil Tour kicks off at 9:00 pm on November 9th,, and ticket prices range from seven to ten dollars apiece.


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