Preview: Blues Traveler 30th Anniversary w/ Los Colognes


Next Friday, November 3rd, be sure to get down to The Vogue in Indianapolis for Blues Traveler’s 30th Anniversary Tour. The band is currently on tour with Nashville-based band Los Colognes to mark their three decades of performing and playing.

Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler is a Grammy award-winning band from Los Angeles, California that has been playing together since 1987. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ll most likely recognize them from their single “Run Around”. The song won them a Grammy and launched the band into the mainstream. The members of Blues Traveler are Brendan Hill (drums), Chan Kinchla (guitar), John Popper (lead vocals, harmonica), Tad Kinchla (bass), and Ben Wilson (keyboards). True to their name, Blues Traveler plays straight blues rock, but have also experimented with expanding their sound and exploring different genres. Throughout their career, they have played a mix of psychedelic rock, folk, soul, and southern rock.

Blues Traveler’s twelfth and most recent album, “Blow Up the Moon”, came out in 2012. In it, the band took a departure from their usual method of insular songwriting in order to collaborate with a myriad of artists. Featured guest collaborators include 3OH!3, Hanson, Plain White T’s, and more. And yes, they may be an older band, but you can still find Blues Traveler on Facebook.

Los Colognes

Los Colognes is a five-piece Americana band from Nashville, Tennessee. Recently, they released their third studio album, “The Wave” through Big Deal Media / Thirty Tigers. The album was reviewed by Culture Collide, stating that in it, “Carefree ballads interplay with playful pop melodies and an 80’s flair – think yacht rock meets Knight Rider.” This blending of throwback pop and rock works well for Los Colognes. Their songs often start with these older influences, and throughout the course of listening, you realize that what Los Colognes are doing is adopting and redefining old genres for the modern age.

Los Colognes is made up of Jay Rutherford (vocals, guitar), Aaron Mortenson (drums, vocals), Gordon Persha (bass), Micah Hulscher (keys), and Chuck Foster (additional keys). Rutherford’s soft and ethereal vocals sync up perfectly with the band’s ’80’s vibe. Los Colognes is a band that knows their own sound, and is capable of crafting a stunning balance of sounds. Melodies pass between guitar lines and soaring synth seamlessly, and no one part overshadows another. Take a listen to “The Wave” on Soundcloud and hear it for yourself. You can also find Lod Colognes on Facebook, or their website.


Be sure to stop by The Vogue next Friday night for Blues Traveler’s 30th Anniversary Tour, and you’ll be lucky enough to see these two great bands play live. The show starts at 8:00 pm Friday night, and tickets start at $29.50. Enjoy.


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