Chris Stapleton releases more details about upcoming album


Earlier this year, Chris Stapleton released his fabulous album “From a Room, Volume 1.” Now, we are getting more information about volume 2 of that same album series. We now know that the album will come out on Dec. 1. We also know the names of the songs that will be on the album.

Nine songs will be on the album this go round. According to, Stapleton co-wrote seven of the nine songs. The remaining two songs on the album are covers. Stapleton recorded the songs at the historic RCA Studio A in Nashville. As with the first portion of this album, Dave Cobb is the producer behind “Volume 2.”

To kick off the celebration of the upcoming album, Stapleton is now releasing the first single from “Volume 2.” The single, called “Millionaire,” features both Stapleton and his wife, Morgan. The tune is a romantic one filled with simple sounds from an acoustic guitar. You can listen to the new single for the first time, below.

Stapleton released the first part of this album, “Volume One” on May 5. It did well in the few months since its release. “Volume One” is already the number one album of the year and is certified gold. Stapleton is also up for Album of the Year at the CMAs this year for that very album.

The country music singer first burst onto the music scene back in 2016, when he released his critically acclaimed album, “Traveller.” It went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year.


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