Preview: First Friday in Fountain Square at The Pioneer


As October winds down, and we all take down our Halloween decorations and replace them with turkeys and Christmas lights, another First Friday looms ahead for the month of November. First Fridays are always great nights for music, as many venues across town will feature shows with free admission to mark the occasion. Friday, November 3rd is no exception at The Pioneer in Fountain Square. The night will include a showcase by Indianapolis art collective The Droops, as well as live music from Paul Cherry, Bedforms, and Joey Joey Michaels.

Paul Cherry

Paul Cherry is a musician based in Chicago, Illinois who has been making music since 2014. Not much information exists out there for this eccentric Chicagoan. His profile on Facebook states that his first LP is due to release in early 2018, but not much else. Cherry’s first and only EP, “On Top” released in December of 2014. You can listen to it on Bandcamp to get a good idea of his style. Cherry’s music is fueled with classic rock influences as well as experimental sounds and vocal effects. He definitely has a style all his own, which manages to be melodic, morose, and whimsical all at the same time. For a further glimpse into Paul Cherry’s aesthetic, you can visit his website.


Bedforms is another young band that is somewhat lacking in their web presence. Their genre is stated as simply “roll” on their profile, which also lists the members of Bedforms as Jenat Heneghan and Gabriel Stonerock. There’s a bit of discrepancy here, as their Bandcamp page lists additional members Stephen Radakovich, Brad Johnson, and Mason Simmons. So you should expect either a duo or a quintet from this local band on Friday night. But enough about their web presence. Bedforms’ music hits a sweet spot for me with their atmospheric melodies and jammy tendencies.

Joey Joey Michaels

Joey Joey Michaels is a musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His music is available to listen to on Bandcamp for those who like easy-going, mellow pop and falsetto vocals. Michaels’ first EP, “The End of the Night”, came out in 2015. His most recent album, “Manchild”, released in 2016. Joey Joey Michaels’ music tends to feature low-tempo pop songs infused with psychedelic and ambient sentiments. He’s yet another artist who’s weird and off-the-beaten-path style are hard to stop listening to.


The First Friday showcase featuring local art collective The Droops will kick off at 10:00 pm on November 3rd at The Pioneer. Admission is free, but remember it’s a bar, so 21+ only please. I’ll see you there.




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