Preview: Autumn Tour Kickoff at State Street Pub


First Fridays in Indianapolis aren’t all for the local rock scene, and next Wednesday the State Street Pub will prove it with Indianapolis rapper Sirius Blvck and Blood Handsome. The two are kicking off their Autumn Tour with special guests Grey Granite, and local Indianapolis rapper John Stamps.

Sirius Blvck

Sirius Blvck is a local rapper and hip-hop artist who has been growing his presence in Indianapolis for some time now. On his Facebook profile, Blvck names himself and “many more” as members of the band. This is due to his many collaborations with other Indianapolis rap groups such as Indiana City Weather, Ghost Town Collective, and Rad Summer. Blvck’s most recent album, “Nxghtcrawler”, came out on Halloween in 2016. It’s quite clear where his aesthetic lies, as the Autumn Tour kicks off just after Halloween this year. You can listen to Sirius Blvck on Soundcloud.

Blood Handsome

According to his Facebook’s About page, “Blood Handsome is the┬ámusical project of musician/artist Gerren Reach”. Reach is an indie and darkwave musician who develops synth-filled tracks with dark tones and heavy beats. His most recent album, “It’s Down” just came out this month. Friday night’s show will undoubtedly feature tracks from the album, as well as rapping by Sirius Blvck.

Grey Granite

Grey Granite (or G Granite), is another Indianapolis rapper and hip-hop artist who will make an appearance at the State Street Pub. He’s worked with Sirius Blvck before, as well as John Stamps and other local rappers in the group Ghost Gun Summer. His Soundcloud page proudly displays the fact that Granite has also worked alongside artists like Lupe Fiasco and Kool Keith, among others. Since 2005 and throughout his career, Granite has released several independent albums and mixtapes. You can listen to some of Grey Granite’s music on his Soundcloud.

John Stamps

John Stamps is a well-known rapper in the Indianapolis music scene. While remaining loyal to his city, however, he also tours the states frequently in order to expand his ever-growing fan base. Stamps’ website lists the notable artists who he’s opened for, including, Ludacris, Lupe Fiasco, Danny Brown, Wacka Flocka Flame, MGK, and more. Currently unsigned, Stamps still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He recently released his EP titled, “House Plants”, which is his fifth official release listed on his site. You can also find John Stamps on Facebook.


If you’re looking to shake things up, or have been wondering where the rap scene is in Indy, you won’t want to miss this. Make sure to head on down to the State Street Pub at 9:00 pm on Friday, November 3rd for the free concert. If you still need a healthy dose of spookiness after Halloween, you’ll be sure to find it.

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