Mixtape Review: Young Thug and Future’s “Super Slimey”


Young Thug and Future released their mixtape “Super Slimey” as a teaser last week.


“No Cap” has some bop. It’s not clear if that’s because it’s the first song that hits your ears or because it’s actually good. Some of the other songs are listenable as long as you ignore ALL of the lyrics. Most of the beats sound like they were bought from Acme’s Trap Division (shout out to Wile E. Coyote). Even as the last half of the album becomes more somber the beats still sound remarkably similar.

That fact aside, some of those factory beats hit. “200” and “Feed Me Dope” both work. The latter half of the album has a few as well, but they’re not really worth mentioning. After eight songs there’s significant listener fatigue by the time “Real Love” and “4 da Gang” appear. These songs aren’t particularly catchy but at least their tone is different. Not different enough, however, to make the album seem varied.

If you’re a Trap fan then this album probably ranks 7/10 on bop. Otherwise it’s a 5.


If we’re talking content there isn’t much to say. Thugger and Future have money. Don’t believe me? On “Three” both of them rap the line “I got more rings than you got hoes bro.” And then on the very next song, “All da Smoke”, Future says “I got Barry Bonds on my wrist/Blowed your college fund on my b***h.” This line is fire because it disparages people who went to college while bragging about being rich. It’s great content for the kids; diamonds over degrees any day. Thanks Future and Thugger!

The album has many familiar concepts. Lean/Actavis make several appearances. Racks/money (“Cruise Ship”) and diamonds/Cartier/Patek (“Patek Water”) are ubiquitous and with racks/drip/Patek comes the need for lead/Plastic FN. You know who (apparently) loves money/guns/lean? Hoes/your b***h. The song “200” refers to having 200 hoes. Seriously. Presumably that’s one hoe per reference to either money, guns or lean (I’m sure we’re low-balling the number of references). And of course no Trap album would be complete without reference to dope/heroin/heron (“Feed Me Dope”).

Alright, so I’m slagging them for their lack of content, but what of their actual flow. It’s terrific. You probably didn’t get enough auto-tune from their combined three albums this year. Don’t worry, there’s plenty on this album. And if you’re worried that they ran out of those charming tags at the end of lines (i.e. “woo”, “skrt”, etc.) fear no more. It’s still the same predictable cadence and flow that’s on all of their songs!

Super Slimey

The positives for this album exist. That’s the upside. Young Thug and Future are no longer beefin’. That’s good. And the album art is somewhat interesting. Another positive. And “Super Slimey” is just a teaser, so it’s possible that the later material will be better. We’ve really got to hope that it is. If future projects resemble this one, then there is nothing to look forward to.

For Trap fans “Super Slimey” is passable. If you’re not enamored with Trap, however, it won’t do much for you. There’s just isn’t anything special about the offering.

Grade: 2/5

Adjusted Trap Fan Grade: 3.5/5