Fort Wayne teen, Addison Agen, remains on “The Voice”


Addison Agen, in what was arguably one of the most exciting moments for “The Voice” this season, remains on the show by virtue of a steal.

The much-anticipated battle between Agen and her fellow Team Miley member found both young women performing admirably. Although, Agen’s voice sounded stronger and had a nicer quality overall, arguably. Unfortunately, Agen was not declared the winner at the end. Coach Miley Cyrus chose Karli Webster to continue on her team. But, Agen was available for stealing, and judges Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson wasted no time in pressing their buttons for the Fort Wayne teen.

But, with two judges clamoring for Agen’s attention, the drama continued. Some viewers will recall that in the blind audition, Hudson hesitated and ultimately didn’t turn around for Agen, but Levine did, along with Cyrus.

Thus, a bidding war of sorts ensued. Levine pointed out to Agen that he had chosen her twice. That seemed to be the push the teen needed to go with Levine for once and for all.

At least for now, the Fort Wayne teen remains on “The Voice.” While the show (in real-life) has concluded, Agen and the other contestants are prohibited from telling the outcome.

With Agen gone from Team Miley, and Cyrus picking up a male team member, the historic all-female team idea has dissipated. But the show’s drama remains as there seems to be fewer predictable choices on the part of judges. Although, it does seem to be a good year for older contestants.

The coming weeks will tell how far Agen will go on “The Voice.” What is clear now, is that having a hometown representative on the show makes some Fort Wayne residents tune into the show more diligently than they might have otherwise.



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