Chehere pe giri zulfen – Mohammad Rafi – Shankar-Jaikishan – Rajendra Kumar | Suraj (1966)


Movie: This song appears in 1966 Venus Pictures’ swashbuckler costume drama Suraj (Sun) directed by T Prakash Rao and produced by S Krishnamurthy and T Govindarajan. The movie starred late Rajendra Kumar, Vaijayantimala, late Ajit, Mumtaz, late Johny Walker, late Lalita Pawar, late Gajanan Jagirdar, late David, late Agha, late Mukri, Niranjan Sharma, etc.

Vikram Singh (David) is the king of Pratap Nagar and is so impressed with the loyalty of his Commander-in-Chief Sangram Singh (Niranjan Sharma) that he makes him a king and decides to marry his daughter Anuradha with his son Pratap. Many years later Vikram sends his grown-up daughter Anuradha (Vaijayantimala) to attend the anniversary of Sangram Singh’s coronation ceremony, to approve of Pratap Singh (Ajit) as her husband. She decides to visit the place with only her maid-servant Kalavati (Mumtaz) for company and changes places with her maid.

During the journey to Pratap Nagar, Anuradha goes ahead on her own to look around the place. There some men try to molest her and a bandit Suraj Singh (Rajendra Kumar) saves her. Suraj also sings this song at that time.

Song: The music of the song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The gist of the song is, “Shall I push aside your hair that has fallen on your face? Pardon me for my impudence.”

Video: Cinematography is by V K Murthy.

The video opens with Vaijayantimala realizing that she has fallen in the arms of Rajendra Kumar. She had tried to escape the goons, on horseback. But, the horse turned out to be Rajendra Kumar’s and it had thrown her down. She had fallen squarely in Rajendra Kumar’s arms. She gets up and moves away rapidly pushing aside the hair that had fallen on her face.

Rajendra Kumar begins the song. He picks up a red flower from a shrub and asks if he could tuck it in her bun. As he keeps teasing her, his horse performs a few dance steps and moves toward her. This makes her move toward Rajendra Kumar and bump into him. She goes to climb a slope and he follows her there.

Vaijayantimala reaches the top of a sheer slope and moves away. But, Rajendra Kumar gestures his horse to push her toward him. He is sitting on a low tree branch. Vaijayantimala is completely fed up of his teasing and throws a stone at him. He ducks at the right time. Soon, she smiles and let him tuck a flower in her bun. The song peters out and the video ends there.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Mohammad Rafi and the onscreen performances are by Rajendra Kumar and Vaijayantimala.

Cultural Influence: This is a purely romantic teasing song. It shows the greenery of the mountainside jungle. The lead pair looks very good. The song is also very melodious and the video is pleasing to the eye. The video is watchable several times.


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