Halloween Ween tribute returns to the Brass Rail


The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana has a tradition for Halloween. A Ween tribute. This year marks the sixth time a local band has paid homage to the popular rock band.

Brass Rail and Superhunk

This unusual tradition of celebrating Ween for the creepiest day of the year started roughly six years ago. The show didn’t happen last year, a representative of the Brass Rail explained in a message on social media. But, the stage is set for the Ween tribute this year. On Saturday, Oct. 28, Fort Wayne band, Superhunk, will perform Ween songs all evening.

Brass Rail bartender, Jon Ross, is a huge fan of Ween. His band, Superhunk, then, was a logical choice for doing the honors of covering the longtime alternative group. Superhunk has also performed Halloween Ween the previous five years.

About Ween

Ween is an alternative band from Pennsylvania. The band formed in 1984, and despite the label “alternative,” the group has influences from a number of genres including r&b, Gospel, heavy metal and punk rock. With such an eclectic range of genres to inspire the band, it is difficult to predict what Ween sounds like.

Currently, Ween is still active, and will be playing its own Halloween shows. The group was on hiatus circa 2012, but resumed playing live a few years later. But the band’s reputation was built on songs like “Push th’ Little Daisies” which was its highest charting song in the US and Australia.

Ween’s style and approach to music have contributed to its long-lasting reputation. Critics note that Ween’s popularity has never been of the mainstream variety. The band’s lack of traditional popularity hasn’t stopped the band from gaining hordes of ardent fans. It doesn’t seem to be only music snobs who know and appreciate the group. The band’s underground reputation makes its “alternative” label all the more appropriate.

Ween was founded by middle-school friends, Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween) and Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween). Both musicians play rhythm and lead guitar and both sing lead and backing vocals. They are complemented by a drummer, a bassist and a keyboardist who have been with the group since the 1990s.

Superhunk’s homage to Ween promises to be a night of sometimes campy, sometimes guitar-heavy, always nuanced and groove-rich, sonic indulgence. A little something different for Halloween, not exactly scary, but definitely entertaining.

The show will begin at 10:30 p.m., and admission is $5.




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