It goes boom! Peelander-Z and Brother O Brother to play the Hi-Fi

Japanese sentai-punk band Peelander-Z and local sensation Brother O Brother will perform at the Hi-Fi on Nov. 4.

Cross Power Rangers with the Sex Pistols and you get Peelander-Z. Now then, who have I lost? Quick show of hands. Right then, those of you whose heads didn’t explode from reading the first sentence, beware. You continue at your own risk. Because this is a weird as it sounds. Fun too, but weird.

A little Peelander-Z history

Peelander-Z formed in 1998. The members of Peelander-Z, henceforth PZ, all come from Japan, but the group actually formed in New York City. Which makes sense really, only NYC could generate the feelings of displacement necessary to inspire mad genius like this. Combining punk rock with a Power Rangers-inspired stage show, they quickly generated buzz on a local level. Even scoring an appearance on “The Upright Citizens Brigade.”

But, it wasn’t until 2001 that they actually released a bona fide album. This is likely because PZ is more performance troupe than musical group. Anyway, they have undergone a few personnel changes over the years, but through it all they have not lost sight of their style. Which is pure, unadulterated wacky fun.

PZ’s sound is basic punk rock, though with a more British than American take on the genre. Of course, the music only really exists to facilitate the stage show, which is more than worth the price of admission. PZ does everything from careening head-first into bowling pins to in-show wrestling matches. PZ is also big on audience participation. How big? Well, if you go up on stage, don’t be surprised if you get handed a guitar or led over to the drum kit. After all, they need you to provide the soundtrack while they do something really outrageous.

Oh, and don’t forget, Brother O Brother will appear as well. Don’t miss Naptown’s numero uno garage rock act.

So, as always, the venue is the Hi-Fi. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $12. Catch you there!


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