Every Noise At Once: New website maps every musical genre ever


For those older folks who say that music today “all sounds the same,” or for those hipsters who insist there’s no good music out today, a new website that maps every musical genre seeks to change their way of thinking.

“Every Noise At Once,” is a website developed by Jason Kottke. It seeks to map every single documented music genre from around the world. They range from “Aggrotech” to “Danish hip-hop” to “Japanese psychedelic rock” to good old-fashioned “classic rock.”

In all, the website tracks over 1500 genres, with the developers admitting that the list is always building, but also acknowledging that it may crash under its own weight eventually.

Just a sample of the genres to explore on Every Noise at Once

The website is mapped according to algorithms that trace the connections between genres, sub-genres and all those in between. The general layout maps the more mechanical, inhuman and electronic music at the top, the more organic music at the bottom, with the left playing denser, more atmospheric music and the right playing more upbeat, poppier genres.

Each genre plays a short snippet of a song, with an attached drop-down arrow navigating the user to another page filled with similar artists of the genre and each artist there linked to their own Spotify library, which only means that hours of aimless and curious clicking and exploring should be fully prepared for. Spotify has even saved you the trouble by compiling each musical genre sample on the main page in a 111- hour playlist.


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