Preview: Ultraviolet Hippopotamus at the Mousetrap


Next Friday, Oct. 27, The Mousetrap Bar & Grill in Broad Ripple will feature a show by Ultraviolet Hippopotamus. Also performing will be the local Indianapolis group, Bad Dagger.

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

This uniquely named jam band, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, plays a mix of electronic, rock, and progressive music. Their music sounds like it could be the unlikely lovechild of Rush, Phish, and Tool. Like the great jam bands before them, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus builds their songs off catchy riffs and atmospheric tones. There’s definitely a strong Pink Floyd influence in their music as well, which highlights this. However, the vocals and lyrics in songs like “Translate” remind me of The Who.

The five members of Ultraviolet Hippopotamus are Andy Kirby (guitar, vocals), Brian Samuels (bass, vocals), Casey Butts (percussion), Dave Sanders (keys, vocals), and Joe Phillion (drums). During their live performances, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus includes technically challenging compositions, improvisational sections, and unconventional covers. The band released their debut album, “Background Music”, in 2006. Their third and most recent album, “Translate”, came out in 2013. Currently unsigned, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus records all of their albums independently.

You can learn more about Ultraviolet Hippopotamus by visiting their website or Facebook page. To give them a listen, you can head on over to BandCamp.

Bad Dagger

Bad Dagger is a local Indianapolis band whose mission is to make their listeners get up and dance. While they take their key influences from disco, metal, and house music, the members of Bad Dagger each contribute their own unique musical tastes to their overall sound. Their songs typically feature driving bass lines, upbeat, dancy drums, and melodic guitar and synth accompaniment. While they aren’t a new band, Bad Dagger only has one EP, “Sovereign”, available to listen to on BandCamp. Bad Dagger consists of Cameron Reel (live audio production, synth, bass), Eddie Roodvoets (drums, samples, triggers), and Brice Jones (guitar, synth).

To find out more about Bad Dagger, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

If getting your groove on to music that is sure to move you is your thing, you won’t want to miss next Friday’s show at the Mousetrap Bar & Grill. The show on October 27th starts at 9:00 pm, and tickets range from $12 – $15.


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