A Halloween blowup: Anagnorsis to play the Black Circle Brewery, October 28

Black metal band Anagnorsis, and others, will play Black Circle Brewing Oct.28

Autumn is upon us and you all know what that means: Halloween, ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks. And all the sundry spooks besides. But, what does this mean to Naptown’s lil’ ol’ music scene? That we need to invite some death metal bands over to play, of course. And to that end, Black Circle Brewing is set to play with Anagnorsis.


While the name Anagnorsis might sound like some incredibly unpleasant disease, it isn’t. The word actually means a moment of discovery or insight which appears in the course of play or work. Something which Austin Lunn and his bandmates must have experienced, otherwise they wouldn’t be metal musicians. Now, black metal is basically a fusion of heavy metal and hardcore punk. Though, unlike thrash metal, black metal never integrated the social concerns of hardcore punk. Instead, it just tends to focus on the extreme, musically and lyrically.

A brief history of the band

Anagnorsis formed in Louisville, Kentucky, back in the heady days of 2003. While a solo project initially, frontman Austin Lunn added members over the course of 2003-2005. A good move, because Anagnosis was able to release their debut in 2006 instead of 2010.

Anagnorsis quietly collected admirers over the next few years, finally making a critical splash with 2013’s “Beyond all Light.” A pretty big splash, actually, as “Beyond all Light” set critics talking from Pitchfork to Stereogum.

Which brings us up to now. Anagnorsis is going to pay Naptown a good old Halloween visit. Nothing says All Hallows Eve like the shredding guitar and blast beat drums of a good metal band.

Anyway, the venue is the Black Circle Brewery. The event starts at 8:00 p.m. and goes to 2:00 a.m. See you there!


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