A change of pace: Let’s Be Leonard to play Indianapolis’ Melody Inn

Let’s Be Leonard will play the Melody Inn Oct. 25.

While you’ll always have your old standbys, you also need a steady supply of new experiences. New places, new faces, and new music. Otherwise, happiness and growth become unlikely. In that spirit, why don’t we take a look at who Naptown’s famous Melody Inn has booked for the 25th? None other than jazz-rock group Let’s Be Leonard.

Haling from Saratoga Springs, Let’s be Leonard brings a brassy, East Coast approach to everything they do. From the bold, improvisational sets of their debut album Cow to their decision to live on their tour bus. And this, moreover, after quitting their jobs and using the remainder of their cash to finance said bus. These are not guys who do anything halfway.

The Sound of Let’s Be Leonard

And what of their music? Well, the broadest descriptor is jazz-rock, which is exactly what it sounds like. Once again, Steely Dan is a handy reference. As is Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew.” Even so, Let’s Be Leonard sounds like neither of them.

Up in the second paragraph, I described their sound as “brassy.” This is both literal and figurative. They are brassy as in bold. But also brassy in that the horn section gets a lot of work in their songs. Saxes and trumpets grunt, shudder, and hoot as and improvisational guitar weaves around the sonic periphery those instruments create. They consider themselves a jam band. This feeds perfectly into their jazz elements. Jazz is, after all, built around improvisation. Of course, what with them playing jazz-rock instead of just jazz, there’s also catchy hooks and a rock structure. You do need to observe certain conventions. Add to that some energetic pacing, and we have a recipe for fun.

So, the venue is the Melody Inn. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.. There’s also an encore performance the next day at 12:00 a.m.

I shall see you there.




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