Weezer’s new tune “Weekend Woman” is more pop tradition than alternative rock eclectic


Weezer is known for their eclectic and brilliant songwriting- – at least, that’s what they should be known for. I mean, just look at their songs “Hash Pipe” or “Island in the Sun,” or literally anything else they’ve done. Can you honestly say there’s anything else like it? Nope. Unfortunately, however, that’s not the case with their newest release, “Weekend Woman.”

“Weekend Woman” review

They’ve gone painfully pop. In all of Weezer’s work, they’ve incorprated pop elements into their rock sound and it has worked extraordinarily well. Rather than sticking to their usual incorporation, however, they’ve decided to completely throw everything that has defined their music for so long out the window and go completely pop, with just a hint of rock.

“Whimsical” echo-like vocals bounce off the familiar sound of the drums and a light, airy guitar strums in the distance. The song is organized well, but it’s painfully simple and sounds a lot like everything else on the radio, which just isn’t Weezer’s style.

About “Weekend Woman”

“Weekend Woman” will appear on “Pacific Daydream,” Weezer’s third LP in four years.¬†Weezer had previously released other tracks from “Pacific Daydream.” “Beach Boys,” “Mexican Fender” and “Feels Like Summer,” the latter of which is sitting at No. 14 on the Alternative National Airplay chart this week. Pacific Daydream is scheduled for release Oct. 27.


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