Shanta Rasa


This week’s expert Mubina Bandookwala is a Bharatanatyam dancer and the Director of Shivoham Institute of Performing Arts. According to her, “Shanta Rasa literally means peace. Meditation and yoga are the key elements to attain this rasa. Though it is said that real peace can only be achieved in samadhi, the truth is that one can gain peace even if it is consciously nurtured, by keeping a balance between one’s needs and desires and feeling content with whatever one has.”

Classical Dance and Shanta Rasa: In classical dance, Shanta Rasa can be depicted in various ways. Some of them are as follows:

–  When one is praying to the Almighty,

–  When Radha is enjoying the melodious flute of Her beloved Krishna,

–  While one is asleep,

–  While taking the pose of Buddha in his meditation state,

– Lord Vishnu while he is reclining and resting on Ananta,

– When the Saint Poetess Meerabai surrenders herself at the feet of Lord Krishna.

While performing this rasa, many stories, in which various characters are portrayed, can be depicted and in the process, the Shanta Rasa is highlighted. So, it is in our hands how to make the whole act interesting enough to keep the audience always at the edge. We could take episodes from the mythological epics or also from today’s real-life instances.

Bollywood and Shanta Rasa: Some Bollywood songs based on this rasa are:

O palan haare – Lagaan (2001)

Arziya saari – Delhi 6 (2009)

Satyam Shivam sundaram – Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

Khwaja mere Khwaja – Jodha-Akbar (2008)

Humko man ki shakti dena – Guddi (1971)

Kun faya kun – Rockstar (2011)

Astrology and Gemology: The moon imparts the Shanta Rasa to human beings and others. Our astrology expert Shweta Bhardwaj, founder of Predictions for Success, had this to say about the Shanta Rasa, “Moon, as it is, does not have heat in itself and is a very pleasant to see. Moon is calm and composed. Thus, the moon is Shanta. No matter what happens, the native with a strong moon will always be in control of his senses. He won’t get angry often. He is the person, people want to be around, with. Successful speakers and consultants are expected to have a strong moon. But, just as is the moon’s nature, the native needs support from a source of energy to get going. The native must track his goals and should do the implementation of the ideas with as much energy as he did the planning. Laziness is a slow poison for the moon’s native. Moon’s negative effects can be controlled by a pearl.”


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