Hear Pink and Eminem come together for “Revenge”


Revenge is sweet, but potentially not as sweet as hearing two totally badass  musicians come together to sing about it.

When I first heard the news that Pink and Eminem had come together to create something for fans, I was absolutely elated. And the word “excited” couldn’t sum up just how pumped I was to hear what they had created. It was unfortunate, however, that I had such high expectations.


“Revenge” review

You would assume that having two hardworking, headstrong artists come together to create something would result in magic. At least I did. However, Pink and Eminem certainly held back, and what could have been absolutely out of this world was simply mediocre. Simple lyrics paired with simple harmonies and a simple beat made for a simply unimpressive track.

I will say this, however. If you’re driving in your car with your friends, this could be a catchy tune for you all to sing along to. Although, does that make it good song? Not necessarily. Being simple, however, also doesn’t make a song bad. So conclusively, the song wasn’t good or bad, just too simple! Pink and Eminem could have done so much more together, and they just didn’t.


About “Revenge”

Pink told a U.K. morning show called “Lorraine” on Tuesday that she  kick-started the collaboration after writing a fan-like “love letter” to the rapper. “I reached out to him in this case,” she said. “I love him. I’ve always loved him. I think he’s a lyrical genius.”

Pink went on to describe a hefty, wordsy email she had sent to Eminem, proclaiming her love and admiration, only to receive the simple response, “OK.” Hey – at least it wasn’t “no.”

Pink also marked her album release by staring in the Apple Music short film “On the Record: P!nk – Beautiful Trauma.” She will promote the LP on a massive North American tour starting in March of 2018.


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