Preview: Friday the 13th Bad Luck Blues Blowout


This Friday, Oct. 13, you can celebrate the historically feared day with some good music and craft beer at Flat 12 Bierworks. During the event, local bands will play songs about trouble, bad luck, dying, magic, and all other themes related to Friday the 13th. The bands to play include Will Scott, Achilles Tenderloin, Delta Duo, and the Raindogs.

Will Scott

Will Scott is a blues and Americana singer and songwriter from Indianapolis known for his distinctive voice, guitar stylings and original songwriting. His music incorporates the styles of country, blues, soul, bluegrass, jazz, and rock ‘n’ roll. With over twenty years of experience playing and performing across the U.S. and Europe, he spent some years living in New York and California. But Scott still prefers to live in Indianapolis to be closer to his father, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015. You can find out more about Will Scott by visiting his website.

Achilles Tenderloin

While he isn’t performing, Achilles Tenderloin goes by the name of Joe Augustine, a folk-blues songwriter and guitarist from Richmond, Indiana. His music is heavily influenced by the pre-war blues era, and some of his largest musical influences include Skip James and Son House. While his music is strongly rooted in the blues and folk traditions, Tenderloin also features hints of jazz. This can be seen most clearly in his most recent album, “Stronger Than Wine,” which came out in 2014. You can check out Achilles Tenderloin on his website, or listen to him on Bandcamp.

Delta Duo

Much like Achilles Tenderloin, Delta Duo’s music is heavily influenced by the pre-war era. They switch it up, however, with the addition of a little Eastern European flair. The two who make up Delta Duo are classically trained Russian violinist Irina Povarova, and blues guitarist and retired Naval officer, J.J. Stenzoski. Together, the two marry the unique sounds of blues slide guitar and classical Russian violin. You can listen to Delta Duo on ReverbNation.

The Raindogs

The Raindogs are a local Indianapolis musical duo made up of Johnny and Shawna Ping. The two have performed together at local venues across town. Their performance on Friday will feature their Tom Waits tribute act.

Along with a wealth of great music to listen to, the Friday the 13th Bad Luck Blues Blowout will also include a video component. During the musical acts, a projector will show classic horror films with the audio removed. This should set the right tone for the ominous night. Don’t let superstition keep you at home this Friday night. Instead, venture out into the unknown and celebrate this Friday the 13th in style at Flat 12 Bierworks.

The show at Flat 12 starts at 7:00 pm, and runs until 9:00 p.m. on Friday. Admission is free, but remember, it’s at a bar, so 21 and older only.


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