Give it to ’em good and hard: American Bombshell, Creeping Charlie and the Boneyard Orchestra, and Civil Chief at Radio Radio

American Bombshell, Creeping Charlie and the Boneyard Orchestra, and the Civil Chief play Radio Radio Oct. 28.

Now, folks, those are some standout names. American Bombshell–the name implies speed, power and, indeed, patriotism that name implies. And while a band needs more than a name, sometimes they don’t need much more. Case in point, the three names in this article’s headline. But, I do go on.

The point is, these three bands have some good names and they’re coming to play Radio Radio. But, can they back up those names? Live up to the hype? Can they play? Yes, yes they can.

Let’s meet the artists, shall we? After all, that’s what we’re here for, right?

First up is American Bombshell.

American Bombshell promotes themselves as “straight, uncut, rock and roll”. In other words, pure rock that casts out all those non-rock influences. Leaving aside whether rock and roll was ever pure in the first place, it’s a refreshing take on things. In practice, this translates to hard rock with some garage inflections. And beards, very heavy beards.

Creeping Charlie and the Boneyard Orchestra. While a touch verbose, you can’t deny that the name’s evocative. Creeping Charlie and the Boneyard Orchestra (CCBO) is a group with much the same sound as American Bombshell. Which is to say, in the words of one reviewer, “gut-bucket” rock. While that can mean a lot of things, in this case it means a sound not unlike that of heavier 1970’s rock acts. Although a tad bit reclusive, CCBO are veterans of the local scene, with more than a decade of experience.

Civil Chief remains an enigma, with even their Facebook page revealing little about them. So, I guess anybody who sees them is in for a surprise.

So, the venue is Radio Radio. Doors open at 8:00 p.m.

I hope to see you there.

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