Rob Funkhouser’s Tape Release Show with special guests


This Tuesday, Oct. 10 at The State Street Pub, Medium Sound presents the Rob Funkhouser Tape Release Show with special performances by Rob Funkhouser, along with several special guest entertainers.

Rob Funkhouser

Rob Funkhouser is a solo percussionist, composer, and performer with a master’s degree in Music Composition from Butler University. A local Indianapolis musician, Funkhouser’s shows usually take the form of either a solo percussion or ambient electronics performance, but for the most part, they vary widely. The show on Tuesday will feature Funkhouser’s “Iteration & Revision” tape, promoting this local composer’s latest release.

You can find Rob Funkhouser on his website.


Neutrals is a duo from Dayton, Ohio consisting of percussionists Evan Miller and Andrew Seivert. While the group creates its own music, Neutrals has also collaborated with Rob Funkhouser, as well as other composers. Their music leans toward electro-acoustic sounds and drones accompanied by excellent percussion, of course. For more information on neutrals, you can visit Evan Miller’s site.

Bob Bucko, Jr.

Joining Rob Funkhouser on Tuesday night will be solo saxophonist Bob Bucko Jr. Bucko Jr. is a musician from Dubuque, Iowa whose style ranges widely from jazz, to drone and noise. You can listen to Bob Bucko Jr. on Bandcamp.

Landon Caldwell

Landon Caldwell is the last special guest of Rob Funkhouser’s tape release show at The State Street Pub. One of the things that makes Caldwell the most special of guests, is that he is one of the bartenders at The State Street Pub. He also works as one of the bar’s bookers, ensuring that there’s always a show at State Street Pub. As a performer and musician, Caldwell is a solo electric-pianist who plays “chillbilly” new age music.

With such interesting and unique acts at Rob Funkhouser’s Tape Release Show, and a special performance by bartender Landon Caldwell, Tuesday’s show won’t be one to miss. The show starts at 9:00 p.m., and there’s a $6 cover at the door.


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