Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”: The legend and lyrics


Now more than ever, Prince is adored globally and admired for his eclectic performances and unforgettable tunes. From jams such as “When Doves Cry” to the ultimate classic “Purple Rain,” Prince quickly and effortlessly became a legend.

“Little Red Corvette” is not only unforgettable and a legend in and of itself, it is also the song that introduced the artist to mainstream America. So let’s learn a little more about this instant classic and develop a whole new appreciation for it.

 About “Little Red Corvette”

Released as a single from the album “1999” in 1983, “Little Red Corvette” was the legend’s biggest hit at the time.  The song was also his first to reach the top 10 in the US, peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

In the song, Prince tells the story of a one-night stand with a beautiful, yet promiscuous young woman. He refers to this woman as a “little red corvette,”– a seriously sexy vehicle. Prince enjoys the experience, though he urges the woman to “slow down” and “find a love that’s gonna last” before she destroys herself.

The lyrics are graphic yet cautionary. Being that the song was popular immediately following the discovery of AIDS, there were lyrics that served as warnings. For example, “you gonna run your body right into the ground.”

Hilariously, Prince got the idea for the song while napping in band member Lisa Coleman’s pink Mercury Montclair Marauder. The lyrics came to him in bits and pieces during a series of naps. Of course, he finally decided to stay awake and make his dreams one catchy reality.

To this day, Prince is remembered fondly and celebrated internationally. So go turn on your favorite Prince jam and be thankful for the joy he has continuously blessed us with via his musical brilliance.


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