Preview: experimental tunes at The State Street Pub


This Wednesday, Oct. 11 at The State Street Pub in Indianapolis, Indiana, four unique, experimental acts will take the stage for the night.

Tyler Damon

Tyler Damon is a solo artist from Bloomington, Indiana who uses drums and other percussion instruments in his performances. While he does perform as a solo artist, Damon also works with other musical groups including Chicago’s “Circuit des Yeux,” “Thee Open Sex,” “Duo Oninbo,” and “The Mars Williams Quartet.” Damon’s performances lean toward the improvisational, but through them, the artist intends to “reveal obscure and untold narratives.” You can learn more about Tyler Damon on his website, or Bandcamp page.

Magician Johnson

Magician Johnson is another Bloomington-based musician joining the show at the State Street Pub on Thursday night. It won’t be the first time he and Tyler Damon have performed together, as both are members of the group “Thee Open Sex.” To listen to Magician Johnson, you can visit his Facebook page.

Macho Blush

One of the more avant garde acts to play will be Macho Blush, the experimental, heavy mess act from Austin, Texas. The music Macho Blush creates isn’t exactly what most would call music. I imagine most would call it a variety of noises jammed together. Still, the choices and arrangement of Macho Blush’s tracks definitely elicit an emotional response. The only catch is, that that response is likely to leave you disturbed and hauntingly unsettled. But October is here, and ’tis the season, after all. You can find Macho Blush on Facebook.

Gaute Granli

Falling right in line with the tone set by Macho Blush, Gaute Granli is a group that specialized in musical experimentation. While Macho Blush takes the route of samples mixed with electronics, Gaute Granli features guitar effects mixed with analog samples to craft a dark and industrial sound. To give them a listen yourself, you can visit their Soundcloud.

With such a wide variety of interesting acts to perform at the State Street Pub this Thursday, it won’t be a show to miss. The show kicks off at 9:00 p.m., and there is only a $6 cover charge to get in.



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