Country singers are taking over “The Voice”


“The Voice” has always been notorious for developing great country singers. Blake Shelton being on the judging panel helps with that. However, this year, the group of country singers showing up for auditions is especially promising.

The country vibe started out strong with the very first contestant  choosing a country song. Keisha Renee, who once was a backup singer for Nikki Minaj took on “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Her vocals were perfect, and she put all the soul and country vibes in the tune that needed to be there. In the end, she wound up choosing Blake Shelton as her coach, even though Miley Cyrus fought hard for her. You can watch her performance below.

Another contestant also brought out the country vibe. Red Marlow brought out his guitar for his rockin’ country rendition of “Swingin’.” You cannot get much more country than that. His fun tune caught the attention of the judges, and he, too, wound up on Shelton’s team. Check out his performance below:

Ashland Craft is yet another phenomenal country singer who found a team on “The Voice” this year. She performed “You Are My Sunshine.” Craft wound up choosing Miley Cyrus as her coach. Craft has just turned 21 and recently graduated from cosmetology school according to Greenville Online. Now, she will try building her music career on “The Voice.” It only took a few notes before judges started turning around for her. Check out her beautiful performance below.

These are just a few of the superb country singers who have already shown up on “The Voice” this season. We can only hope that even more will appear and find their way onto teams. Naturally, Shelton tends to fight hard for the country singers, but other judges are now starting to take notice of the unique country talent in front of them.

“The Voice” airs on NBC on Mondays and Tuesdays. Make sure you tune in next week to learn what new country singers are competing on the show.


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