Agnès B. wows crowd with summer 2018 designs at Paris Fashion Week

Photo by Alexa Goins.

French designer Agnès B. presented her latest creations at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, October 3. For the summer 2018 season, Agnès B. has presented a slew of designs with clearly defined influences.

The event was held at Paris’ Pavillon Ledoyen, just off the Champs-Élysées. A crowd of stunning, chic industry folk, fashion bloggers and press lined the leaf-strewn pavement in anticipation of the show. Upon entering, each guest was handed a black tote bag with an inscription of “Protest against the rising tide of conformity” written in cursive across it, with the designer’s trademark logo in the top corner. Guests were also given glasses of white wine to sip on after taking their seats.

Thumping, omniscient music filled the speakers as the models began to walk the room. The first group of models wore bobbed wigs with blunt bangs and seemingly 1960s and 1970s inspired pieces. Think trench coats, block patterns, bold pinstriped suits, high waist lines and gloved hands.

The music changed to a more island-themed instrumental and the designs evolved with it. The models came out in Bob Marley-style hats, bright colors and mixed prints. According to Agnès B.’s website, the designer chose “lively colors, madras and rasta stripes … green, yellow, red … as a thought for islands devastated by hurricanes in September.”

The final round of models appeared in all-black outfits, which seemed to be heavily influenced by the goth and grunge scenes of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

For more information on Agnès B. and her summer 2018 collection, visit her website here.

Check out some of the pieces showcased at Agnès B.’s show in the gallery below.

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