Preview: Terror plays The Hoosier Dome


This Saturday, Oct. 7, The Hoosier Dome in Fountain Square will feature a special performance by the five-piece, metalcore and hardcore punk band, Terror. Playing along with them will be Bent Life, Detain, Left Behind, and Fortune’s Fool.

Terror formed back in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. They currently have released six studio albums, along with other recordings. Their debut album, “Live By The Code,” came out April 2013. The members of Terror include Scott Vogel (vocals), Nick Jett (drums), Jordan Posner (guitar), Martin Stewart (guitar), and David Wood (bass). The band’s performance at the Hoosier Dome on Saturday is just one stop on their tour promoting their most recent EP, “The Walls Will Fall.” To find out more about Terror, you can visit their Facebook page.

A night of hardcore, head-banging metal

Bent Life is a hardcore rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska that formed in 2010. That is also when they released their first demo. Since then, Bent Life has released four albums with Bridge Nine Records. The most recent of these is “Never Asked for Heaven,” which came out in 2016. Bent Life consists of Andy Voorhees (vocals), Aaron Broveak (drums), Brock Stephens (guitar), Chris Miller (guitar), and Nick Miller (bass). You can listen to Bent Life on Bandcamp.

Much like Bent Life, the ‘90’s-inspired hardcore band Detain released their first demo in the same year the band formed. Their third and most recent album, “State of Emergency,” came out in 2014. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Detain list among their influences groups such as Merauder, All Out War, and Irate. You can find Detain on Facebook.

Left Behind is yet another metal/hardcore band that will play on Saturday night at the Hoosier Dome. Their first album, “Death, Take Me,” released in October of 2013. The band hails from West Virginia, and is signed on with Unbeaten Records. To find out more about Left Behind, you can visit their Facebook page, or listen to them on Bandcamp.

The last band to perform on Saturday night will be Fortune’s Fool, a hardcore/crossover band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their EP digital release “S/P,” came out in June of 2017. The members of Fortune’s Fool include Phoenix Herrera on vocals, London Bell and Jonathan Wedlund on guitar, Drandon Valley on bass, and Byron London on drums. For more information on Fortune’s Fool, you can find them on Facebook.

So if a night of hardcore bands with plenty of attitude strikes your fancy, be sure to visit the Hoosier Dome on Saturday night. The show starts at 7:00 pm, and doors open at 6:30. Tickets for the show are $21.


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