Psychedelic Soul, Esme Patterson at the Hi-Fi


Upcoming vocalist Esme Patterson will play the Hi-Fi Oct.10.

Upcoming. A poor choice of words perhaps. After all, can you really call a woman who put out her first solo album in 2012 upcoming? Or am I just showing my age? Granted, I don’t have much age to show, but still. This is, after all, a woman with more than a decade worth of experience in music. Maybe we ought to call her “established”?

Either way, Indianapolis will soon have the privilege of an Esme Patterson live concert.

Patterson hails from Boulder, Colorado where she grew up on a diet of folk and blues. Anyway, after some growing up and hard work, she helped form indie folk group, Paper Bird in 2006. Paper Bird found local and national success, but Patterson had solo ambitions as well. Over the years, she had written material which she felt was wrong for Paper Bird, but right for herself. So, in 2012 she recorded and released her debut,” All Princes, I.” Finding success, she followed up with 2014’s “Woman to Woman,” and then “We Were Wild” in 2016.

Musically, Patterson mixes the shakedown sound of American folk and the shining haze of psychedelic. Patterson loves her distortion, and mixed with her powerful rhythms, the combination is a potent one. Potent, but not explosive. After all, we’re talking folk, not heavy metal here. There is a softness to her vocal work that balances the flinty guitar and punctuated drumming. With her silky voice and expressive phrasing, Esme centers her sound. A sound very much worth listening to, if the rest of this preview hasn’t conveyed that sentiment.

So, the venue is the Hi-Fi. Doors open at 7:30. I hope to see you there.


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