Preview: Perturbator at Sky Bar 247


This Wednesday, Oct. 4 at Sky Bar 247, located in downtown Indianapolis, Perturbator will play along with guest acts the Secrecy, and Summon the Destroyer.  The night promises to be a fun-filled event for all die-hard metal and electronic fans.

Perturbator is the stage name of James Kent, a French electronic musician from Paris, France. With a background as a guitarist in black metal bands, Perturbator makes music influenced by cyberpunk culture, using software synths and emulators to craft each song. He self-released his first two albums, “TERROR 404,” and “I Am the Night,” in 2012. While growing up, Kent’s interest in music came from his parents, who were both journalists and music critics. They were also musicians in their own right, and the techno trance band they were in while younger, influenced Kent to take up synthesizers.

Cyberpunk synth meets death metal

Perturbator’s music leans toward the darker side of the synthwave genre, often including dark,  droning tones and slower beats. After signing on with the label Blood Music, Perturbator released three more albums. The most recent of these, “New Model,” came out in 2016. To listen to Perturbator, you can visit his Bandcamp page.

Along with Perturbator will be Summon the Destroyer, a local death metal band from Indianapolis. The band formed in late 2006 with members, Ryan Green(guitar), Mike Morgan(guitar), Corey Clark(bass), Don Curtis(drums), and Brandon Howe(vocals). Summon the Destroyer released their first full-length EP, “In Reverence to Sin,” in 2008. Five years later they released a demo titled, “2013 Demo.” They write fast and heavy death metal songs that have a technical and progressive feel. To find out more, you can visit their Facebook page.

The third band to play on Wednesday night is The Secrecy. True to their name, the information on this band is lacking. Their Facebook page states that they are about, “Sex, Death, Drugs, Chaos, Abuse.” One can only surmise that these are the themes their lyrics touch on. The Secrecy is a four-member band consisting of N. (guitar, vocals), D. (drums, vocals), T. (bass, synth), and G. (guitar, vocals, synth). I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that you can expect their music to fall somewhere in between Perturbator and Summon the Destroyer in tone. Here’s a link to their Facebook, if you want to try to find out more.

The show at Skybar 247 on Wednesday begins at 8:00 pm, and tickets range from $15-$40 depending on how early you purchase them.


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