Preview: HoneyHoney at The Hi-Fi


This Thursday, Oct. 5, in Fountain Square, Indianapolis, the L.A.-based duo HoneyHoney will play at The Hi-Fi. the band is currently on tour promoting their recent album, “3.”

HoneyHoney is an Americana band that formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. At a costume party, musician Ben Jaffe met with musician, model, and actress Suzanne Santo for the first time. One year later they ended up signing a record deal with Ironworks, while playing shows under the band name “Zanzibar Lewis.”

In 2008, HoneyHoney released their debut album, “First Rodeo” under the Ironworks record label, which was run by Keifer Sutherland. Sutherland, in fact, makes an appearance in the music video for HoneyHoney’s song, “Little Toy Gun.” After spending some time on the road, the band self-released their second album, “Billy Jack,” in 2011.

Duos and solos

The musical style of HoneyHoney walks the thin line between alternative country and poppy, swampy blues. Yet with their honest lyrics and storytelling, it’s hard to say they don’t have some folk in them, too. In their songs, Santo’s vocals burst out with raw emotion, frequently highlighted with Jaffe’s softer harmonies. Santo also contributes her talents on the banjo and violin to their songwriting, while Jaffe provides the guitar and backing vocals. While many of their songs share a pop sensibility, themes of melancholy, lust, or heartache linger in each of them.

Along with making up two halves of a successful band, both Jaffe and Santo have released their own solo albums. Santo made her solo debut with her country album “Ruby Red” earlier this year. Around the same time, Ben Jaffe released his debut solo album, “Dominator.” It’s clear these two share some kind of special bond that keeps them in-sync even when they’re apart.

So if what you’re looking for is a small, unique band with the talent of groups three times their size, you’ll want to check out The Hi-Fi this Thursday. Tickets are $15 and the show starts at 8:00 pm.

To find out more about Suzanne Santo, Ben Jaffe, and HoneyHoney, you can visit their website.

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