HAIM Debut “Little of Your Love” Video

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Haim have mastered their aesthetic. From their color coordinated outfits at fashion week to their matching long wavy locks, the three sisters always have their look on point.

However, their physical aesthetic has morphed into dance form on their first music video single “Want You Back,” and now on “Little of Your Love.” The girls have a theme going here. In both videos we see guitarist and lead vocalist Danielle Haim strutting down a street in jeans and a t-shirt, singing about broken hearts and coulda-woulda-shoulda sentiments. But instead of joining her sisters in a choreographed dance down the street, Danielle wanders into a dive bar in the middle of the day and joins the patrons in a choreographed dance.

Guitarist and keyboardist Alana Haim twirls into the picture and is soon joined by bassist and sister Este Haim, who sings,”Don’t it feel like that night was from a dream/ I ain’t never felt nothing like that/lookin’ at you lookin’ right back.” I would guess the idea for the entire video was based off this line – a night of carefree dancing that almost didn’t feel real.

After dancing on their own for a bit, the three sisters join together to lead a choreographed dance with the whole bar. It’s reminiscent of line dances you did for gym class in elementary school, and again, definitely something you would put together with your girlfriends on a Saturday  night.


The lights dim and the disco balls illuminate the dance floor while the girls continue to lead the bar turned dancehall. Things get a little more casual when Danielle signals group clapping with her last dance move. Everyone claps to the beat of the song and jumps around to end the video.

It’s inevitable as a girl group of three to be compared to Destiny’s Child. Same genre or not, same style or not, it’s going to happen at least once. There were a few cuts in the beginning of the video that had “Say My Name” vibes. Each sister has a dedicated area of the dance floor and a dedicated set of dance moves. Each is distinctive. They’re also split between red columns that make it seem like they are walking through different rooms. They’re all separate at first, but come together quickly, which is unlike “Say My Name.”

Not to mention their looks are all different from one another, which was always something Destiny’s Child was known for.

The song itself isn’t as strong as “Want You Back,” but it’s definitely on theme with the rest of the album. Danielle sings, “Say nothing is ever good as it seems/ Stop runnin’ your mouth like that/Cause you know I’m gonna give it right back.” It’s the same idea of someone looking back on a relationship and wondering what they could have done differently and how they can make it better now. It’s relevant, relatable, and catchy. HAIM have done it again.


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