Raga Bageshri


This week’s classical music expert is Bollywood singer Sanjeevani Bhelande. She selected her favorite raga, Raga Bagesheri. She said, “Bageshri has been favorite raga since I learnt it in 1982. It’s the epitome of romance. The shudhh dhaivat in the sa dhha dhha ni dhha ma, swara sangati is so refreshing. It is a popular raga of the late night. It depicts a woman’s emotion waiting for the reunion with her lover. It is said to have been first sung by Miyan Tansen, the celebrated court singer of Emperor Akbar in the sixteenth century.”

Nuances: The parent thaat is Kaafi and the raga has ga and ni komal. The vaadi swara is madhyam and samvaadi is shadaj. The nyaas on Ma gives a feeling of balance. Madhyam is truly the main pillar of this raga. The jaati is oudav-sampoorna with re and pa varjit in aaroh and all 7 notes used in avroh and gaayan samay is madhyaratri.

Bollywood and Raga Bageshri: Several music composers of yore have scored songs based on Raga Bageshri. The film songs that we selected based on this raga are:

Radha na bole re… – Azaad (1955)

Jaag darde ishq jaag… – Anaarkali (1953)

Aaja re pardesi… – Madhumati (1958)

Jao jao nand ke lala tum jhoote… – Rangoli (1962)

Humse  aaya na gaya tumse bulaya… – Dekh Kabira roya (1957)

Diwane hum diwane tum… – Bezubaan (1962)

Chah barbad karegi… – Shajehan (1946)

Shubh ghadi aayi… – Insaaf Ki Tope (1934)


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