Preview: KMFDM at The Vogue Theatre


On Tuesday, Oct. 3, The Vogue Theatre hosts a night filled with industrial and dark rock from bands KMFDM, ohGr, and Lord of the Lost.

Kicking off October with some darkness

KMFDM is an industrial rock band from Hamburg, Germany. After getting their start in Europe, the band later moved to the United States, where their style of music was met with enthusiasm. Some critics consider KMFDM to be one of the first bands to bring industrial rock to the mainstream. Their music incorporates heavy metal guitar riffs and electronic samples, along with both male and female vocals. Since their debut album, “Opium” was released in 1984, KMFDM hasn’t stopped. They released their twentieth studio album, “Hell Yeah,” earlier this year, and are currently on tour promoting it. To find out more about KMFDM, you can visit their website.

Playing with KMFDM Tuesday night will be ohGr from Los Angeles, California, another industrial band. The group formed in 2000, and their early releases featured hip-hop and synth pop influences, which were later abandoned for the more non-linear sub-genre of electro-industrial. Their first album, “Welt,” came out in 2001. Since its release, ohGr put out three more studio albums, with the most recent, “unDeveloped,” in 2011. You can visit their Facebook page to listen, and learn more.

Rounding out the night will be another German rock band, Lord of the Lost, who, like KMFDM, originated in Hamburg. Lord of the Lost was founded in 2007, and released their debut album, “Fears” in 2010. The genre of music Lord of the Lost plays is dark rock with heavy metal influences. Since their debut, Lord of the Lost has released four other full-length studio albums. The most recent of these, “Empyrean,” came out in 2016. You can learn more about Lord of the Lost by visiting their website.

The show at The Vogue Theatre starts at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night in Broad Ripple.


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